He is blessed by nature with extremely athletic qualities. These qualities to name a few include highly compliant and elastic tendons. He also has extremely high levels of explosive power which is neccesary for his chosen event of the 200m. Tashan recognized his potential and decided to focus his efforts and immediate future to training full time. He gave up his full time job as a photographer to follow his passion in becoming a world clas sprinter. He met with his sprint coach in October of 2018 where they began to perfect his craft.This would include a 5 day training schedule 3 of which were high intensity track workouts and 2 days of easy active recovery sessions. He would also visit a sports therapy clinic 2x a week to get massage therapy to keep his body at its optimal condition.


Tashan Daniel

Tashan was a fantastic young man, from a very early age could communicate well wth adults , he was a very polite young man and a very cheerful young man, always a pleasure to be in his company, he knew what he wanted to achieve in the world of athletics and trained hard to achieve. I admired his commitment and dedication to his work and to his family I doubt I would have been any prouder had he been my own son. A wonderful young man and a true reflection of his mum and dad and extended family.

John Bennett

Tashan Daniel

Tashan was an outstanding individual. For the little while I knew and gotten to spend time with ..I was impress witb his level of maturity, respect he had for others and his level of responsibility..he was the kind of kid .I would of been proud to call my son

Junior Shepherd


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