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    Tashan Daniel Arsenal Fan, Photographer and Athlete

    About Tashan Daniel

    Tashan Daniel, a loving son and brother, an amazing friend, cousin, nephew and role-model. On Tuesday 24th September 2019, Tashan and a friend were on their way to the Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal play, a present he had bought himself for his 20th Birthday. In the middle of the afternoon they were subject to an unprovoked attack on Hillingdon station platform. This brutal and senseless attack on such a young, cherished and respected member of the community needs to serve as a wake up call.

    Today it was our Tashan; tomorrow it could be someone you love – your friend, son, daughter, brother, cousin, nephew or even you.

    This is happening on our streets.

    We need to act, now.

    It took seconds for a stranger to take away a life filled with so much love and promise. This tragic act has spurred us, his family to campaign for change.


    Tashans main passions were athletics, football and photography. See Videos of Tashan in Training here

    Tashan studied photography during 6th form, and like everything he put his mind to, he decided he wanted to do it well. Whilst he enjoyed taking pictures of scenery, he favoured Fashion and London Life. His Father didn’t like him venturing into London by himself just to take pictures of the city, but Tashan always reassured him he would be careful. His talent soon saw him land a job taking photos for a fashion studio which he did alongside his other passion, athletics.

    Always a keen sportsman, Tashan had started to focus on his sprint training. His coach Josh explained Tashans unique qualities:

    “Tashan is what is generally known in track in field as a hybrid. He is blessed by nature with excellent athletic qualities. These qualities, to name a few, include highly compliant and elastic tendons. He also has extremely high levels of explosive power which is necessary for his chosen event of the 200m. Tashan recognized his potential and decided to focus his efforts and immediate future to training full time. He gave up his full time job as a photographer to follow his passion in becoming a world class sprinter. He met me in October of 2018 and we began to perfect his craft. This would include a five day training schedule three of which were high intensity track workouts and two days of easy active recovery sessions. He would also visit a sports therapy clinic two times a week to get massage therapy to keep his body at its optimal condition. His aim was to improve on his performances over a four year period until reaching the next Olympic games. In my humble opinion Tashan Daniel was in the 90th percentile of talent range. With good training, nurturing and consistency the world was his oyster. His mental approach towards both competition and training was that of a future world champion. His attitude towards hard work was nothing less than tenacious.”

    Tashan was born a football fan. On the day of his birth, 22nd September 1999 his father, had tickets for the Champions League, but of course was unable to attend, watching instead, the arrival of his son.

    As soon as Tashan could walk he was kicking a football and surrounded himself with all of the Arsenal merch, from pyjamas to pencil cases. He went to see his first game at Highbury – Arsenal v Newcastle – aged 5,  where he had to stand on the seats so he could see. He was also a good player himself, and played for Hillingdon Saints from 7. His most admired players were Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp, but his favourite player today was Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

    Family and friends

    He was incredibly close to his mum, dad and younger sister, and would confidently take charge of their family holidays allowing them to travel and explore together. Being an older brother came naturally to him, taking his sister and friends out, driving her to training and even trying to coach her. They would of course still bicker over whose turn it was to take out the bins, but it was always done with humour and love. His sister, also a keen athlete, is now determined to do him proud.

    Friends of Tashan have said that he was seen as a mentor, one sharing a voicemail of Tashan leaving them an inspirational message. His female friends said that he looked out for them like an older brother.

    See Testimonials  here

    Knife crime  is on the rise and what is being done? #StopKnifeCrime is not working. The public is becoming desensitised to the stabbing and murders on our streets. The Tashan Daniel Campaign aims to get knife crime on the top of the agenda to help Stop Knife Crime

    Support our campaign by joining us in our mission to stop knife crime

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